Saturday Vintage Fun



My friends and I are having a special outing tomorrow! We are going to this event – the High Tea is booked. My nails are done. I put a colour in my hair and it went really dark – whoops – now it doesent match the dress I had planned to wear !*%#&

I watched a Zoe Foster’s You Tube Video last night about how to do bob length hair in a sort of vintage wavy style. I can’t do hair – wah!   Wish I was like Julia Gillard and had a HD for a partner, but then I would never get the tiling done around this old house.

So I tried it – and of course it didn’t really work – but I might give it another practice tonight. I got Mark to take the clamp off my curling tong – as per Zoe – I can’t believe I was thinking of buying another curling iron with out a clamp – especially after I had spent $10 buying my Breville curling tong from Ebay!!!

So Sydney – you always rain on the first Saturday March – but please!?  Can you hold it for a couple of hours  so we can arrive looking gorgeous?!!  Please – other wise I will have the biggest Frizzy-Do in the Eastern suburbs tomorrow.  Actually considering what day it is tomorrow – I might not!


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