Echino Goodness

Morning! I popped into Material Obsession recently where this lovely piece of Japanese Echino Laminate called my name. These clever Japanese textiles, are the perfect combination of mouth-watering colours and cute graphics – highly addictive! More info here.

It costs about $40 a metre so I just grabbed 40cms – it’s very wide.

It is going to be a new magazine bag – do you take magazines everywhere you go? I do – especially on car trips.

I think one of the first things I made in Miss Gibson’s (was that her name – memory fails me) sewing class at school, was a bag with handles. It was in a totally boring Canvas Calico.

Do you do Pinterest? It’s a virtual pinboard. Great for keeping tracking of images on the internets. I adore this website – it’s perfect for visual people like me – and it’s so fun to check out other people’s interests. At last count I have 43 boards – ahem.

Great for research – but also addictive!

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