Come to the North Side

The North Side – it’s a bit out of it but it is has some good points and a really nice place to bring up kids! I think it’s safe, relatively easy to drive around, and has great trees and gardens, and the air traffic is not annoying.

For some lovely photos see:

Astrid’s Architecture Tour of Castle Crag at her blog Design Cherry.

Architecturally the north side has some lovely mid-century gems. Example: Rose Seidler house. All you eastern suburb trendies – I know you all move up north when you come to your senses – because all my friends  are from the inner west!

Source: via Trish on Pinterest

So the other night I attended a class for the married people at church – doing some work on your marriage – that’s not a bad thing!  It happened to be on this amazing 1950s designed building in a little place called East Lindfield.

Source: via Trish on Pinterest

I couldn’t find much info about the architect except that his name is William G. Collins. He wrote a great piece for the Sydney Morning Herald on 21 April 1959 – the building was only proposed, at that stage.

Source: via Trish on Pinterest

It totally rocked my world – imagine decorating it with some great Tapa cloths and tiki torches etc!

Mark and are having our thirteenth anniversary later this year, not bad going is it? Maybe we’ll renew our vows – Tiki Style!

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