The “Hello Kitty!” Skirt

Meow  – Do you like cats?

I love them actually – I joke with the kids, “when Dad dies we are getting a cat”  – he’s more of a dog lover.  But since our two boys are like a couple of puppies – we have decided have enough on our plate!

That and there are a lot of native birds and lizards around our house, I would be devastated if an animal of ours killed any off

This skirt was made from a 1950’s skirt I bought when I was in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. It was a sickly size 8, so I had to do surgery to make it a much more healthy size 16!

Had a brain wave and realized the answer was to make a yoke to fit me, then re-adjust the pleats to fit the circumference of the yoke.

My friend Sam suggested I use Denim for the yoke – because trying to match something would be such a headache.

I had this great denim in my stash – which has a nice cross hatched effect, but it is so stretchy and needed refitting several times as it kept growing!

I replaced the original brass zip with another chunkier one.

Foolishly unpicked the hem – then had to re hand sew the lot.

I am so pleased that I have a garment made with genuine repurposed 1950’s fabric that I can wear.

The Facts
Fabric: 1950’s too small skirt , some stretchy denim from stash for yoke
Pattern: For yoke section: Advance 6064, for skirt section: none required

Year: 1952

Notions: Zip, bias tape from stash
Time to complete: 4 hours
First worn: Will be worn later this week – the last week of Summer
Wear again? Yes
Total Cost: About $A40.00

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6 thoughts on “The “Hello Kitty!” Skirt

  1. I would never have thought I could make a skirt bigger! You are so clever. And it must be such a lovely feeling to have rescued something so precious. Great job Trish. 🙂

    • Thanks Janene, I was thrilled and I wore it today, to church, all the cat lovers noticed. I love that! Yesterday I bought a 1950’s dress that I have to make smaller (in the bodice, not the hips) – and longer! Wish me luck!

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