The Living Room Tour


Do you like checking out other people’s houses?

I love it – I buy quite a lot of home dec. mags and all my Christmas’s came at once when the lovely Ms. Lynda moved overseas and gave me a stack of international house mags as tall as me!  What a good woman!

So here is a mini tour of our living room – showing a few of the details that I LOVE! All photos taken via Hipstamatic on my iPhone for extra grainy goodness.

The Storage – Love a Retro Buffet – the tall ones are quite cheap – we have two in our living room. Great for glasses, napery and platters, also Xboxs, DVDs and games!

The Art – my collection of Papua New Guinean masks – the dearest one was just $40

The View – The Australian Bush – it changes with the seasons and the weather, the mist rises early in the morning, thunderstorms play there, from where the cool breeze comes. It’s such a joy to have a view

A Bitossi bowl and sixties lamp with original fabric sit atop a Parker Studio table, all you see in this little vignette cost under $60!  See the Oregon wall panelling (one timber feature wall – groovey baby).

So grateful for our home – we are truly blessed and we love to share it with our friends and family. Hope you can see it one day!

The Colour Scheme

Fabric cushion I made in Designers Guild Asolo – Moss – from


5 thoughts on “The Living Room Tour

  1. I am very envious of your view – it’s seriously stunning! Loving the decor as well, especially those orange cups on your tall storage unit. (I do love everything home-decor in that shade of orange!)

    • Thanks Kat, I want to see you view – what about a post on your place? Everyone should see how special Wellington is.

      Those orange cups are actually more brownish, though you can get them in orange – but I have never seen any in op shops (only in mags) and I found some olive green ones the other day but resisted temptation – wasn’t I a good girl?

      • My one will have to wait a little while – renovations started up again this week, so everything from our dining/games room is piled up in the lounge and hallway while the window down there gets replaced and insulation put in the wall! Chaos, but it’ll make for a warmer house in winter in the end. 🙂 I may have to follow your lead and do a living room post once it gets back to (semi-)normality though.

  2. Wish I was sitting on your lovely deck now – drinking a coffee from one of those tall yellow cups. I have another pile of magazines now too!!

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