Just wanted to introduce you to my new friend Kat, who I got to meet when I was in Wellington in January. I do like tall girls and she is nuts about sewing like me, she writes a lovely blog and takes great photos (or her man does) of our town.

Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Last year I stumbled across the wonderful world of Girls Who Sew And Blog. (I think it’s wonderful enough that it deserves capitalisation, don’t you?) I found (and followed) a whole lot of blogs, joined in the Sew Weekly Sewing Circle community, learnt a heck of a lot, got re-inspired with my own sewing, and made a bunch of new friends. It was a bit of a life-changing discovery for me, when I think about it…..

One of the girls I got to be friends with through the Sew Weekly Sewing Circle is the lovely Trish, who blogs over at Quiet Vintage Sewing. Trish is a former Kiwi, now living in Aussie, and loves vintage styles. If you haven’t found her blog yet, you should go and have a look – she makes some gorgeous creations, and every so often treats us to some photos of her house…

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  1. I just realised that in that photo of the two of us, we make each other look like we’re normal height. Funny. That pretty much never happens in photos with girls! (Or it doesn’t for me, anyway.) 🙂 (Not that I’d want to be ‘normal’ height anyway, but it’s kinda novel.)

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