Vintage style fabrics

It was 1991, I was studying Fashion Design – I got a part-time job at a fabric shop.  The manager there was a hard taskmaster – let’s call her Deirdre.

With a whole team of newby fabric sales assistants we had the biggest opening sale Wellington’s ever seen.  There were ladies desperate to buy cheap dupion silk and they were five deep around the counter.  scary stuff.

We had to  re-merchandize the whole store – often.  We were trained in the correct  display the rolls of fabric by draping  it so the customer doesn’t have to pull if off the roll to see it, neatly, and no trailing yarns showing. Broken rolls were not allowed.   That store had to be immaculate.

Each Friday night I used to spend time stroking the Liberty lawns and wools, I mean – tidying the display.

We were all very relieved when one day Deirdre got sacked.

Back to now.  The buyers at Spotlight have been doing a decent job in catering to the trend for all things vintage.  Here are some of their picks:

Isn’t this so reminiscent of Orla Kiely’s  amazing 70’s influenced textile designs?

Check out these fabric designs which come labeled with as 1930’s.

They look a little table cloth-like to me – but may suit blonde haired gals for dresses?

This art deco style rose print is very pretty:

This is a sweet print, labelled 1930’s but I feel the colour are more 50’s in style.  Got the wrong label perhaps?

But lets not talk about what a complete mess the stores are in.  Deirdre would have had a fit.

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6 thoughts on “Vintage style fabrics

  1. How would I get my hands on that 1st photo of the Orla Kiely fabric? I live in Canada. Could I buy some directly from you. Canada gets none of the great stuff (except for free health care).

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