The Basket Case Poncho


So last week I made a poncho.

Isn’t that model so cheeky and fun!   Such a cute look – had to give it a whirl.

Found the fabric at an op shop – don’t love it but I wear Rust, Brown and Green colours.  It is known as a  Basketweave – see how the yarns hop over one another – it’s not that common these days.

The pattern went together perfectly.  I dawdled (I was still on holidays) as I made it so it took too long.  Drawing the yarns to get that fringe look out was kinda therapeutic.  I should go back and run a line of zig-zag stitch across them to ensure they don’t fray but next time I get my domestic machine out will have to do.

So on Monday (photo day!) the weather finally went Summery.  It was over 30 degrees – far too hot to wearing woolen garments and silk scarves!  I was sweating and the hair was fully frizzy.

You should have been there for the to doozy argument my husband and I had about the appalling dinner I served up after the photo shoot!  The heat makes me crazy – I am the basket case in case you were wondering.

The Facts
⁃ Fabric Wool from the Op Shop – $10
⁃ Pattern: Simplicity 3600 – 50 cents
⁃ Year: Circa 1950’s
⁃ Notions: Just thread
⁃ Time to complete: 6 hours – too long – too much dawdling
⁃ First worn: For the photos
⁃ Wear again?  Yes in Winter peeking out from under a coat!
⁃ Total price: $10.50


7 thoughts on “The Basket Case Poncho

  1. I like it – it’s cute! (Perhaps you’re not as fond of it because of the weather when you were wearing it?)

    That last photo is fantastic, by the way – it kind of sums up the atmosphere you’re talking about in your post nicely. 🙂

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