Australian Home Journal Dress

The Australian Home Journal is an item very rare in Op shops these days – but you might find copies in your local Junk Shop. They are also available on Ebay for about $15 – or cheaper of late as Ebay seems to have slowed down in trade of magazines (as a friend of mine who is a reseller has found) – I negotiated recently and saved a few bucks.

I found a few in NZ at my favourite place in the Nelson district – Richmond Antiques Centre. They had a large pile and they were priced around the $10 mark. They also had an amazing stash of reasonably priced Art Deco mirrors – these are so dear in Sydney – often being at least $100 for an interesting Deco shape. I have also bought amazing fabric there in the past too.

Kat from the Sew Weekly in Wellington and I have decided to do our own mini challenge over the summer. Neither of us had made up a dress using one of these patterns – so wish us luck. The pattern pieces are scant on detail and miniscule for tall girls like us.

So which dress is your favourite? I have mine – all will be revealed later in the month! Have a lovely holiday if you get one – Christmas was all upon me before I had time to do a single Christmassy blog – might have to sneak a few on and pretend I wasn’t late again! My cards have not gone out this year either – I blame too much sewing!!


7 thoughts on “Australian Home Journal Dress

  1. I love 5827, the one shoulder dress-it’s awesome! It would look great made up in some luxurious fabric like silk….in a jewel tone…or gold….or silver….*sigh*

      • Yay!!! I am looking forward to it!! I was looking at it a bit more closely after I made the above comment, and I realised it had a belt. I reckon the belt would be awesome if you made it in a cotton material (like some kind of provencale white cotton with a pattern), but for a more glamorous look the waist could be a bit more fitted and not rely on the belt. Anyway, that is my opinion. Really looking forward to seeing the outcome!! Take care, H

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