Free Stuff

I was woken up by dozens of screeching Cockatoos today – so Australian.  There is a large flock of them that fly around the bush near our home.  Sometimes they come to our window for food when it’s cold.  We don’t encourage them as they are very destructive to window frames!   We also have a family of magpies which increase by one in number each year.  We happily share our meat scraps with them – they can’t get enough!

Do you like birds?

Cockatoos on our neighbour’s roof.

I just found these gorgeous free downloadable bird gift tags- they are so cute – and did I mention free!!




Yes they are Northern Hemisphere birds – like the Cardinal and the Robin, but also the Sparrow – which we have in Aus!

You can learn more about Becca Kallem’s work here and there are two more sheets of designs there too.

You can download them and print them – how cute would they be on your gifts this year?!


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