How to look skinnier in photos

Nice to see you!

Today I am sharing my Tropical Dress – made for a party last Saturday night.  While we were at the party we took lots of snaps – some good – some terrible.  My friends and I were talking about how to make your body look good in photos – my  friends are tiny petite things, I feel like some kind of Red Haired New Zealand Giant when I am with them or especially when I see myself in photos with them!  So today I will share my tips learnt about how to hide wide hips and tuckshop lady arms and double chins from your camera!


Note the hips are square on to the camera and the fat arm held too close to the body!


Hips slightly turned away from camera with shoulders still square on to camera – A la Elle MacPherson – she always poses with her hips side on to the camera – shoulders square on – makes her bottom half – tincy!

But look at that double chin!

How cute is Mark in his vintage bark cloth Hawaiian shirt!!  He’s such a good sport.


No I didn’t have a nip and a tuck whilst at the party – my dear friend Zoe – a professional dancer and yoga teacher on my left shared her wisdom.  Here it is: CHIN DOWN !! Genius – those dancers know how to make their bodies look good right?  Kathy on my left is also a dancer and Martina, in her 70’s vintage glory on the right is just a beautiful tiny person.  Why are all my friend so small?


Here I am with my gorgeous friends Dori and Diana – IF you sandwich yourself in between a couple of them – you look half your size!  And chin down too!


If all else fails – just pretend you don’t have a bottom half – ahhh!

So ladies there you have it – you can look like a model too – remember these tips for flattering photos this Christmas and I do hope it’s a lovely one!

The Facts

Fabric: Ripstop (!!!??) Cotton Approx $14.95 per meter – Lincraft
Pattern: Buttrick 6164 top from 1999, and my go to skirt Vintage McCalls 9400 from the 50’s
Notions: drawstring for neckline, thrifted 1930’s sea shell belt buckle $5
Time to complete: 6 hours
First worn: December 2011
Wear again? Yes, but I may raise the waistline as I think it’s unflattering, and it would be great for the beach!

Total Cost: ~$A51


7 thoughts on “How to look skinnier in photos

  1. Trish you always look beautiful! BUT I will take all the tips I can get – thank you so much just before all the Christmas snaps – yikes!

  2. Love the dress! (And the tips – must remember that about the chin down….) I know what you mean about the being surrounded by tiny people thing – occasionally if I’m with some girl friends I catch a glimpse of us in a window and realise that I’m towering head and shoulders over them. :-p

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