Right place, right time!

Have you ever gone AWOL on the way to the supermarket?  Late one Saturday arvo recently, I took a wrong turn and saw a badly drawn sign guiding me to a street I had never heard of.  Being an impulsive garage sale junkie – I obediently drove down a long road which then ran out of houses.  Then I was just in the Australian bush – driving, the signs had stopped.    Eventually I was back in suburbia and found the sale in a little Mid-Century Aussie house with a peacock-blue glass window near the front door – how outré and so much nicer than amber glass!

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The sale was run by two sisters, selling off their dear mum’s stuff as she was going into a nursing home.  The eldest sister asked for $4 for over 30 patterns ranging from the 50’s to the 80’s.  I gave her $20 – that made her kids smile – they were getting a cut.

What do you think?  Should have I given them more money?  Or would they have just ended up at the local charity shop and they were lucky to get anything for them so late in the day?

Anyway – I am so grateful and I am sending that special lady (oh so stylish!)  blessings and happiness in her new home.  I am kicking myself for not finding out more about her – and what fabulous events she wore those divine pieces to.  I bet it wasn’t the  buy groceries!!


7 thoughts on “Right place, right time!

  1. Wow! The dresses, the sweet little shirts and the cape!! Madly jealous and I am sure that their dear mum is very happy that the patterns have gone to someone who will love them.

  2. Wow you hit the jackpot of fabulous patterns. I’m sure the family was very grateful that you gave them $20 for the patterns and happy that they went to someone that would appreciate the patterns!

    Where do you start? They are all so yummy!

  3. Oh my, I’m jealous! What an awesome find! Some of those vintage Vogue patterns…… *swoon*

    I reckon $20 was a good amount – five times what they were wanting, so good for them, and fabulous value for you! Looking forward to seeing which one you make first. 🙂

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