Calendar Girl – Teatowel Apron

Hey!  Normally I don’t do purple, at all, not even a little bit, not even a scarf or a piece of jewellery.  I once bought a 60’s handbag in a very bright shade of purple – it had some great gold hardware on it.  I gave it away when I moved to Australia.  So this week I am doing purple, cos the Sew Weekly told me to.

I searched my stash, no purple.  No purple thread either.  I visited the opshop and nearly bought a particularly hideous ikat scarf/sarong thingy.  But it was so vile i coulden’t bring myself to pay money for it!  So glad I didn’t ‘s cos the Salvos came through!

Isn’t she a beauty!

Teamed her up with the calendar teatowel, and as sewing time was short after last weekend in the Hunter Valley – an apron was the obvious choice.

So below is my recipe for a really easy apron


Take 2 Vintage Aprons

Slice the ugliest one finely

Make a cup of coffee.

Use orange thread for a citrus burst.

Sew the pieces of the straps “in a chain” – this saves time and ingredients (thread).

Mix the strips together, anyway you like.

Hold your threads before you start sewing – saves your threads from getting all tangled up – and hours of work and service man fees!

Enjoy – it’s probably time for another coffee!

The Facts

Fabric: Purple 60’s teatowel $4, Calendar Teatowel $2
Pattern: None
Notions: Just Thread
Time to complete: 1 hour
First worn: December 2011
Wear again? Yes!

Total Cost: ~$6

I hope to share a real recipe with you next time – it’s a cake – in terms of cooking – I think I am ok at cakes, used to make sweets like toffee and fudge all the time as a kid.  I only cook because it’s good for my family.  If I didn’t have them I think I’d live on my friends Simone’s “Cake Diet” – cake for lunch every day!

School holidays in a week – can’t wait – lotsa sewing planned – how about you?

Who noticed there are no tiles in the kitchen?  That’s because I married a tiler!


6 thoughts on “Calendar Girl – Teatowel Apron

  1. Great solution for purple, I’m not a fan of this color either. I love the purple dish towel, the graphics are awesome and a great use for the other tea towel calendar, really fun!

    Ohhh and your kitchen, wow and wow, fantastic!

    • Thanks Cathe, thanks! The graphics are so much fun aren’t they! The kitchen is pretty cool – I am a lucky girl. My husband upcycled most of it from a building site he was working at, my parents bought us the oven and we designed the layout based of the pieces we had and Mark installed the whole thing himself! Well he had had help with the benchtops (a team of men!).

  2. Love it! Very cute. 🙂 (Those graphics on the tea towel are amazing.)

    Loved your write up, too. Especially the coffee break in the middle, tee hee!

    • Thanks Kat, if it were any colour but purple I probably couldent bring myself to do anything with it!! I have a stash of vintage teatowels, the kiwi ones are cheap as chips here – I’ve heard they are getting exxy in NZ – like all Kiwiana.

  3. I love purple you know! I love this post!! Okay, first because your apron is super cute and something I would totally wear; second because your post is very fun; and last but not least because the kitchen looks awesome!

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