Tickled pink!


It’s getting down to the pointy end of the year.  I don’t know how it is where you live, but in Aussie we call it “The Silly Season” mainly because there are a lot of parties and people crowd the shops and car parks, and the roads but it’s been weird this year because it’s officially the coldest Summer in 50 years here in Sydney.   We have been using the heater when we should be sweating buckets.  So of course I have a cold – which is fitting!

I just wanted to share a few bits that I have found of late.  Actually the gorgeous rose print was a present from Rachael – my old school friend – isn’t it just lush!  Thanks Rach!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am trying to write a few Christmas cards everyday and wrapped the first Christmas present today – I hate leaving it all to the end – I don’t cope well with stress – I literally come out in a rash!

Hope you are getting some opportunities to do the things you love at this busy time of the year xx


4 thoughts on “Tickled pink!

  1. Where oh where have I heard your name before?

    Also…If you lived near me, if we were neighbors I think I would breathe on your windows until you agreed to sew me an awesome frock. Or even a skirt. LOVE YOUR STYLE, CHILD!

  2. Oooh, pretties! I can’t decide which I like the best – that gorgeous plate, the pretty rose fabric, or the Home Journal pattern with the twisted neckline……

    Have you tried making any Home Journal patterns yet? I’m building up quite a stash but haven’t used any so far….. Wanna do a mini “lets make up our Home Journal patterns” challenge with me over the summer? 😉

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