Small is beautiful

November in Sydney – we usually get a few really hot days – over 35 degrees (95F).  And the Jacaranda trees are in flower.  They are just lovely with their clouds of purple fluff dotted around the ‘burb. But not great a week or two later when the flowers rain down on your car and coat the footpaths in a brown cereal like sludge!!

The weekend was very hot so we did the Summer maintenance on the spa, everyone helped.  We found we could tip the spa up on one side to empty it, one man and one woman – just imagine!  Honestly, sometimes I don’t know my own strength!

We found we have two frogs living in the spa! We don’t know what kind they are but thankfully they are quiet at night (which is lucky, as they live right near our room) and they are brown with yellow armpits. There are some that live in the neighbour’s pond who croak and make a huge racket all night long!


They are still staying close to the pool but I am expecting them to move on when the spa chemicals are added. Shame – they have had a great time feasting on the mosquitos living in the spa over winter and have been such lovely, quiet neighbours.

So they boys had a lovely swim today after school.  Wow, I just looked out the window.  They even put the cover back on after their swim – they are growing up!


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