Lost in translation

Recently I went to Tokyo.  In my dreams.  No, but I did make it to the new Daiso store which opened up in Chatswood a few weeks ago.  I am a huge fan of Japanese stuff – from their amazing way with textiles, to Harajuku girls, right through to cutesy girly plastic stuff.

Here are a few things I loved but didn’t buy:

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Clearly I am slightly obsessed with love hearts and the colours pink and red.  What is wrong with me?  Perhaps I can put it down to a deficiency of child hood.  The 70’s were awash in yellow, orange, rust, red, brown, and olive.  A friend mine had a deficiency of stationery in her childhood.  Now when you open any drawer at her home you will find scissors, paper and pens!!  I have another dear friend whose family never went on holidays (they stayed home and painted and plastered the house) – every year she and her family take a cracker of a holidays and do exactly as they please – it’s their thing.

Most things have an English label amongst a slew of Japanese characters – such as “Detergent” which apparently helps remove makeup – hmmm!

What to buy:

If you go, make sure you check out the ceramics.  Also stationery; note books, pens and pencils for the kids, or big kids.  Cosmetics including nail varnish – amazingly cheap.  Cute gift bags and nylon shopping bags like the red and white polka dot one below – so handy.  Mark went of course he found totally different stuff to me like iPhone accessories – very cheap!

Everything costs just $2.80 – so I spend $67.20 on the below essential items – whoops!

Cuteness hey?  Did you pick the Polka Dot theme?  Definitely deficient in  my 70’s childhood – what’s the deficiency of your childhood?


2 thoughts on “Lost in translation

  1. i’m a dotty fan too – loved their soapdishes and heart lace shaped sponge. their face blotting paper for when its 37 degrees like monday and their magazine racks, not sure about their smelly stuff though (room deoderisers)- it doesn’t smell!

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