Glitter Hands Glitter Hands!

Went a little nuts for Glitter Nail Polish recently!  Doesen’t everybody? Or is that just me and my inner 5 year old!

Reminds me of Lesley Hall – “Glitter Hands –  Glitter Hands” – she, has a vast collection of Ges Sweater from the 80’s – every time I see one in an Opshop I think of her.  She reminds me not to worry about what people think of me.

How’s my mani?  Yes, why I did paint a wall at work this week – how clever of you to guess!  Paint – no substitute for nail polish – trust me I’ve tried it!  Neither is Twink (Liquid Paper in Australian).

These China Glaze colours I had to have cost $6 a pop – not bad hey?  Where?  Sydney girls – every heard of ProNail Supply in Bankstown?  They stock Opi for about $12 a bottle.  They also have Shellac products.  They supply nail shops all across town but do retail too and have everything you could ever need to do your nails.

Glitter nail varnish – I like it!  Deal with it.  Now where are my gold stretch pants?

Want more Lesley Hall?  Check out Craft Talk:

9 Greenfield Pde
Bankstown NSW 2200
Tel: (02)-9709-2300
Fax: (02)-9709-2311
Mob: 0402 215 826
Customer Service

Opposite Bankstown Sports Club


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