Autumn Palette

Hi !

A few weeks I had a go at making a mood board in Autumn colours. I grabbed a few favourite items from around the house – with a Vintage theme. As the background I used a vintage botanical style butterfly print I bought at a print shop on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy (one of my favourite places in Melbourne to shop).

I layered over fabrics that I hope sew garments with this spring summer.

My TAA vintage leather handbag from the 50’s fair, one of my 3 strand necklaces – 60’s costume jewellery – I seem to have a knack of finding these – and they are not popular in the greens and brown autumn colours that I am lucky enough to be able to wear.

I took a couple of snaps – rearranged – had a play – this ended up being about the most fun 15 minutes of my whole life!

Australian Home Journals are great for vintage inspiration – haven’t tried to use one of their plain paper patterns yet!

I definitely intend to work like this again as a design jumping off point – Why not try it? Especially if you have lost your “Sewing Mojo”!!

I wonder if it could help me with more inspired cooking!!


3 thoughts on “Autumn Palette

  1. No, no – on the left side, top pic. Dark red/maroon with flowers, quite thick fabric with a bit of stetch? I’ll put a pic on my much neglected blog ;-). But can’t wait to see the leopard outfit!

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