A walk home

20's Castle-like house

20’s Castle-like house

I found myself without a car on Friday for a few hours so I walked home – I snapped a few of the houses and gardens on my way with my phone.
It was a lovely warm spring day – perfect for noticing details that it’s hard to see when you are whizzing past in a car, with two bickering kids in the back!  I hope you enjoy peeking over fences and through shrubs with me!!

Spanish Mission apartments

Twenties Bungalows

A "Federation" in compulsory colour scheme and wonderful dracaena plants - one day mine will look like this!

Another cutey - look at that blue sky - and the palm!Bungalow with original timber struts – you see lots of these replaced with Greek or Roman Columns.

Orange native rock orchids - I have dozens of these in the garden - let me know if you would like some!

Triffid - and a little neglect.

Even the house numbers are stylish

Coprosma repens – reminds me of NZ – it grows everywhere there.

A little Mid-Century Modern! Love the agave plants!

Another one - peeking through the Grevillea and the Bottle Brush plants.

I only had one woman come out and complain to me and ask me not to photograph her house – it’s of course not shown here.  Shame – as it had lovely Art Deco leadlight windows – just like the one I used to live in in Jenkins Street with Louise, Tina and Diana – those were crazy days!  Not much money, or food, fun parties, candles melting onto the carpet and lots of love.

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