Coming up Roses Gypsy Blouse

Hi there!

The kids and I have been home from work and school on holidays for two weeks.  As always I think I am going to read and sew to my heart’s content, and blog, and bake.  As always the unexpected happens and my plans go awry!

We had a big conference at church during the middle weekend and were having an extra seven people to stay – gulp!  I had allowed the first week of the hols to de-clutter and redecorate the sewing/guest room – Ha!  The 70’s mural was depressing me every time I went in the room –  then I discovered it was concealing a patch of mould – yuck.  Then I became determined to get rid of it!  It took two days of scraping!  What is left is are pink walls,  I only managed to get one layer off – but I am channelling  Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic, and Megan Morton’s guest room, and we are living with the “aged” look of the wall for now.

I was so excited to finally get my little collection of art deco mirrors up – and my “shabby” prints – oh and to get the room cleared out a bit – I have lots to put on eBay – it’s stacked up in the laundry – watch this space!

So anyway – I was so excited about this week’s Sew Weekly Challenge – Spanish Harlem – though I have few references – I have been to Spain and I adore anything in a Rose Print – had a look at some images of West Side Story (which I have never seen) and the wonderful Rita Moreno,  and I went for it, kinda, of by churning out my go-to gypsy blouse see below.  I also had hopes of making a black circular skirt to go with it – but I didn’t have enough fabric and there was no way I was taking my lively offspring to the dreaded fabric shop!

Oh and by the way Sydney has recently seen its first Costco store open up and I bought a colossal bag of Reeces Peanut Butter cups – which I have been working my way through – whoops, and then I decided I needed to make this top a little, ahem – roomier.

So Plan B was to have a crack at Very Easy Vogue 9963 from the 70’s by the looks of it and make it a little longer – I hate it when things are too short.

My photographer for the day was my 8-year-old Alex, and my father in-law Mario (he’s Italian not Spanish, and he did not wear his glasses!), our location is Sydney Markets at Flemington.  They have a hall of flowers, a flea market on Saturdays, and the Fruit and Veg hall – with stinky fish and nuts and unrefrigerated cheeses.  It is not a patch on Melbourne’s Central Market, but hey, it’s all we’ve got! It is a very fun thing to do on a Saturday and our whole family, well probably me mostly – loves it!  You get the whole United Nations experience, that in Sydney, in one place.  And on Saturdays the flowers are dirt cheap – go and get a whole houseful (a word of advice – the roses are not going to last long ‘cos they’ve been there all week).   What’s not to like?

We even found this lovely Spanish Lady – Ole!  Tyres, lawn mowers – a very random selection!

Warratah’s: New South Wales Floral Emblem – aren’t they amazing?


You just can’t get a chamber pot anywhere these days.

I got flowers; lillies, warratahs, and orchids $5 a bunch (free), a box of apples $10, a set of hot rollers $5 and a 1950’s vase also $5 – score!

The Facts

Fabric: Cotton Lycra from Spotlight $30
Pattern:  Very Easy Vogue 9963 60 cents
Year: c. 1970’s
Notions: some elastic
Time to complete: Time taken – 2.5 hours – love this!
First worn: September 2011
Wear again? Yes! lots – I really love this print

Total Cost: About $30


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