Mad Men in Chatswood! Or Alex and Noah go to the shops!

What a fun outing mummy had planned this week the day of the teacher’s strike, I dragged the boys along with me to our local shops, the fancy schmancy – Chatswood Chase.  This month is hosting the Icons of Style exhibition curated by Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant – for a desperate two-minute slice of Me time!

The kids were ecstatic (not) about a fashion exhibition, even after a visit to Kmart and KFC (we are such bogans).  It is only a small collection of costumes, and some other items from the era.  I could hardly look at the prettys cos the kids were leaning over the cordon ropes then Noah actually touched the vintage record player and managed to dislodge a piece from it – I was mortified.

I have some vague recollections of what I saw whilst kid wrangling, these were the standouts:

Betty’s beautiful Polka Dot Chiffon number – I did notice it was coming away around the straps – such a shame – but not unexpected for such a delicate fabric, but as this is one of my favourite dresses from the show – I was thrilled to see it in person.

There were also some props which were a nice touch for kids who have never seen a record player before, but I suggest leaving the little darlings at home!

And if you haven’t seen the show – I highly recommend it!


5 thoughts on “Mad Men in Chatswood! Or Alex and Noah go to the shops!

  1. Wooah! Half this post went missing, trust me to go and get all clever embedding images a post, and the links are either broken or taking you to the wrong place!

    There is a nice little video interview with Janie Bryant, the show’s Costume Designer, on Chatswood Chases’s website (link is above).

    There is also a great article here:

    I also saw Joan’s green satin dress pictured above (hips in my size!), and one of Don’s suits (funny, I thought he’d be taller), and a few other garments – maybe 7 or so, in total.

    If you are in town and are a huge fan – it’s worth a visit. It’s located on Level 1 near the concierge.- and it’s free.

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