The 50’s Fair 2011 – Shopping Part 1 !

Feast your eyes on these prettys.  Yes some things are expensive, but the stall holders come from far and wide.   Some from interstate to attend.  Have you ever done a market stall?  I imagine it would be a  huge ammount of work to pack up your inventory, load your vehicle, get there really early, bump in, unload, trek through the garden to your plot, set up your display, stand around all day selling, then pack up and get home!

What’s avaiable is of amazing quality.  My friend Penny and I were lined up outside by 10 am (normally I go in the afternoon).  The range of stuff was amazing.  Definately would go early next time.  I usually find the fabric especially picked over – but this year I  scored!  Watch out for my next post on Fabric!

The wonderful Somboun Phonesook, guru of Australian collectables especially Australian Ceramics

Thrilled with their lovely new picnic rugs!

Look at that pig in mud!

Isn't that the cutest dish! I would have bought it but I am banned!

Who doesen't need a little Trechikoff around the house?Ole!Telephone cord purse!


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