The 50’s Fair 2011 – “People watching”

Yee haa! What a great day!  The ladies and gents that attend go all out with their ensembles.  Some of my shots are not as good as I would like, but I try to document what people are wearing – ‘cos that is my focus.  It gets crowded which makes it hard to get a full length shot, or you can’t  get close enough – so it makes for mixed results.  Sometimes you feel a bit like a stalker!  Usually if you ask permission politely, people are happy to pose for you – which is nice! Anyway I hope you enjoy the eye candy!

Watch out for further posts on “Shopping at the Fifties Fair” and “Fabric at the 50’s Fair”!

Sorry that some of the photos are the wrong way up – still struggling with this bit. If anyone can suggest anything.

(Sometimes the images can’t be saved after turning).

I have the fabric she used for her skirt, still trying to make my my mind up about whether I love it or hate it !

Much photographed!

Love that 40's cherry necklace (actually she had two on!)

Rosalie won the best dressed this year - stunning! Word is she bought her hat on the day!


8 thoughts on “The 50’s Fair 2011 – “People watching”

    • Some people devote a lot of time and effort in that department! You can get you hair done at the event, I think I will do that next year, though really i would rather be shopping than primping!

  1. Wow, great photos, great outfits! Is the fair an annual thing? Maybe next time I’ll have to take a trip over the ‘ditch to go to it, it looks fabulous!

  2. Oh, by the way – I’ve yet to find a way to rotate photos when you’ve uploaded them to WordPress. I’d recommend rotating them before you upload them – it’s an extra step, but sadly it seems to be the only way….. (Or it’s the only way I’ve found so far, anyway!)

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