Vintage stuff around the house!

Hi there!

It’s school holidays! Hooray – I don’t work for money in the hols (I work for free at home with my boys!) so here are some goodies for you – you may have seen some of them ‘cos I try to put up something everyday on Twitter – something catches my eye in the junk shop that is my house – and I think “that will be hilarious” so chuckling away to myself I photograph and upload my gems into cyberspace – it pushes my buttons!

Oh yes and I love the Hipstamatic ap on my phone – thanks for the lovely aging effects, but why are you so darn slow and hard to use?   Does anyone know?


50’s Eyemake up – how to!

If you are going to wear 50’s clothes, then the must have accessory, IMHO, is the eye make up too!

Just found this great video on how to get the perfect eyeliner,

Surprising how she “roughs it out” then colours it in to make if perfect

I can have kittens trying to get this right – hope it helps you too!

Mad Men in Chatswood! Or Alex and Noah go to the shops!

What a fun outing mummy had planned this week the day of the teacher’s strike, I dragged the boys along with me to our local shops, the fancy schmancy – Chatswood Chase.  This month is hosting the Icons of Style exhibition curated by Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant – for a desperate two-minute slice of Me time!

The kids were ecstatic (not) about a fashion exhibition, even after a visit to Kmart and KFC (we are such bogans).  It is only a small collection of costumes, and some other items from the era.  I could hardly look at the prettys cos the kids were leaning over the cordon ropes then Noah actually touched the vintage record player and managed to dislodge a piece from it – I was mortified.

I have some vague recollections of what I saw whilst kid wrangling, these were the standouts:

Betty’s beautiful Polka Dot Chiffon number – I did notice it was coming away around the straps – such a shame – but not unexpected for such a delicate fabric, but as this is one of my favourite dresses from the show – I was thrilled to see it in person.

There were also some props which were a nice touch for kids who have never seen a record player before, but I suggest leaving the little darlings at home!

And if you haven’t seen the show – I highly recommend it!

The 50’s Fair 2011 – Shopping Part 1 !

Feast your eyes on these prettys.  Yes some things are expensive, but the stall holders come from far and wide.   Some from interstate to attend.  Have you ever done a market stall?  I imagine it would be a  huge ammount of work to pack up your inventory, load your vehicle, get there really early, bump in, unload, trek through the garden to your plot, set up your display, stand around all day selling, then pack up and get home!

What’s avaiable is of amazing quality.  My friend Penny and I were lined up outside by 10 am (normally I go in the afternoon).  The range of stuff was amazing.  Definately would go early next time.  I usually find the fabric especially picked over – but this year I  scored!  Watch out for my next post on Fabric!

The wonderful Somboun Phonesook, guru of Australian collectables especially Australian Ceramics

Thrilled with their lovely new picnic rugs!

Look at that pig in mud!

Isn't that the cutest dish! I would have bought it but I am banned!

Who doesen't need a little Trechikoff around the house?Ole!Telephone cord purse!

The 50’s Fair 2011 – “People watching”

Yee haa! What a great day!  The ladies and gents that attend go all out with their ensembles.  Some of my shots are not as good as I would like, but I try to document what people are wearing – ‘cos that is my focus.  It gets crowded which makes it hard to get a full length shot, or you can’t  get close enough – so it makes for mixed results.  Sometimes you feel a bit like a stalker!  Usually if you ask permission politely, people are happy to pose for you – which is nice! Anyway I hope you enjoy the eye candy!

Watch out for further posts on “Shopping at the Fifties Fair” and “Fabric at the 50’s Fair”!

Sorry that some of the photos are the wrong way up – still struggling with this bit. If anyone can suggest anything.

(Sometimes the images can’t be saved after turning).

I have the fabric she used for her skirt, still trying to make my my mind up about whether I love it or hate it !

Much photographed!

Love that 40's cherry necklace (actually she had two on!)

Rosalie won the best dressed this year - stunning! Word is she bought her hat on the day!