Dotty over Dots

Polka dots are my Kryptonite.

I found this fabric a few months ago in a junk shop which I  visit when I get my haircut, I drive about 30 minutes west, and I always try to visit this gem of a shop in Epping when I go.  The man there has a great range from early Australian cedar furniture, lots of ceramics, right through to 50’s pieces, a vast collection of lovely vintage jewellery, patterns and occasionally 50s and 60’s ladies hats!

I got the fabric which I thought would be perfect for a 50’s dress – what do you think?  I am now thinking it is more a little bit more 60’s than 50’s and I did a burn test and, as I suspected, it has a bit of synthetic mixed with cotton.  I hate polyester and always try to avoid it, I hate how it retains odours. is difficult to press, and seams usually pucker and look awful.  Surprisingly – this sewed up beautifully.

I paid about $A25 for 4 metres – not bad for vintage.  It had come from a ladies stash and she had stored everything beautifully and the mothball smell only took a couple of days airing, out of sunlight, on the clothesline.

I plan to wear it to the 50’s Fair on Sunday – more photos then, – please pray for sun, as today is looking so dreary!

Hope you get your sewing machine out this weekend – I have to do a last-minute belt for my dress for the 50’s fair, and may do something clever with self fabric bra straps – if I can’t find a strap-less bra today at the shops – it could work – or it may be an uncomfortable failure!

Trish x


4 thoughts on “Dotty over Dots

    • well thanks! I can’t wait to share some photos of the whole outfit with hair and make up, however today i can hardly move, need to dye my hair, and clean this place up, so I can get my pass out for tomorrow!

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