The movie was OK but the sets were incredible!

Do you watch movies just for the interior styling? My favourite movie (I nearly know the script by heart I have seen it so many times is Somethings Got to Give). The story is pretty far fetched – really, really old dude pulls beautiful young thing, then ends up with her mum – as if – that would never happen! But that Hamptons Beach House is to die for! Well not really, but it would be really nice to spend a weekend there right?

Here is a lovely link to movies with amazing interiors for you this week:

I have watched Rosemary’s Baby again recently – the apartment building is something else, and the lashings of white paint Mia Farrow throws about – are so right now. It even makes me like the colour yellow, but the movie darkens up in a meaningful way – worth a look and beware of Satanists in the building.

In the same vein as “Somethings Got to Give” due to Beth A Rubino’s excellent set decoration is “It’s Complicated”, makes me want to go all french provincial around my funky 60’s/70’s house!

North by Northwest, amazing sets/homes, great 50’s clothes too, really love the black and red floral dress!!!

Sorry I’ve been quiet – few struggles with Noah’s school work – bit distracted, house guest the list goes on!

This weekend I have to make the frock for the 50’s Fair – it’s coming down to the wire. The toile is cut out, hopefully it will not need drastic alterations.

Leaving you with a shot of my two little monkeys – they love our treehouse with its sliding poles and built in rock walls to climb.

Trish xx


2 thoughts on “The movie was OK but the sets were incredible!

  1. Always always always loved the window box seat in Rosemary’s baby, yes even yellow looked great. Clean and fresh – not like the movie… scary stuff!

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