50’s Fair – Got your frock?

It’s nearly time for my favourite day of the year (yes, it’s better than Christmas!), not that I am at all ungrateful for Jesus’s Birthday!

Here are a few snaps from last year – I didn’t get frocked up last year – just went and enjoyed being a spectator.

I just love checking out the patterns – the most amazing collection from a lovely chap from Adelaide – must get his card next time.

The “collectables” are many and varied – bit pricey, but it’s fun to try to find them in op shops after the event, now you know what you are looking.

I have made a few purchases over the 13 (really is it that many?) years that I have been attending. I have dragged so many friends along, thanks Lisa, Dani (who dragged me their first back in 1998?) Mark, Lynda, Jo, Margaret (with Noah 1 month old in a Baby Bjorn!) Toni, Tash, and this year’s guest – Miss Penny (and Toni if she ever finishes her attempt at 50’s French Couture).

Hope to see you there!! Hope I can get my dress done!

Sorry, some of the photos are not turned right side up – I am fighting with this disobedient command (if anyone has any tips please let me know).




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