Pillowtalk – A Sew Weekly Upcycling Project – and 10th Post Giveaway!

In my search for vintage fabrics, I often come across pillowcases, the sheets I guess get thin and torn, then used as drop sheets, (as at our place)  but the Pillowcases tend to survive.  I think I will make a quilt or duvet cover consisting of my collection one day!

Here is a RECIPE for you:

Take one 60’s pillowcase

One vintage pattern Circa 1982.

Don’t forget Bias Binding Tape for the tie.

Mix with liberal amounts of Ric-Rac.

Result some retro cuteness for the daughter I never had!

First to comment wins it!  (It is  a size 3 and very small at that).



4 thoughts on “Pillowtalk – A Sew Weekly Upcycling Project – and 10th Post Giveaway!

  1. Trish – its me Rachael in Adelaide – what a great dress. Im in need of some funky girls patterns for Sylvie. I would love a copy of the pattern is that possible? I will definitely look around for pillowcases now. I am no good at free style sewing – just like cooking – I like to have a recipe!! I am trying to get back into sewing on a regular basis now – hard to get dedicated time though. x

    • Thanks Rach, I will make you a copy, that pattern is very tiny so might need to be wider, depending on her size, it’ is easy to slash a pattern open and spread it out by a few cms. Hope you can find some time to sew. It is a really quick project and could be so effective in a cute fabric for a little girl. Even grabbing 10 minutes here and there daily may be the answer for a busy working mum like you!

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