Vintage Shopping – Italian Style

Found this great link I just had to share – for the next time you are in Florence!

When Mark and I visited Florence in 2002 I was dead keen to go and look at all that art I had studied in 7th form Art History.  I remember finding some shops that sold very luxe trims, the sort of thing you would use if you had a country manor and were redoing the curtains – not at all my taste, all the American tourist were mad for it!

Mark’s Dad is Italian, we had a wonderful reunion with his family in Abruzzi, a little village near Pescara called Torino di Sangro, and also his aunt and cousins in Bologna.  Perhaps this is for another day!

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet – I always think I am going to have so much time in the School Holidays – then end up incredibly busy!





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