The world’s most extravagant war-time apron

I thought this would be so easy, and for some reason, thrifty to make – ha!   It took three metres of fabric, excessive amounts of gathering – which I hate – as I really have to slow down and take care, grrrrr!  I also made myself do french seams and rolled hems a plenty, strangely I went all perfectionist – not at all like me!

It is another Sew Weekly challenge – A Vintage Apron, from ages ago – and I really wanted to take part, but of course I am months late in finishing as usual!


This pattern has eleven pieces mostly all in rectangular shapes!

It took much reading of the guidesheet  ( I usually prefer to ignore the instructions and sew up garments the way I think is the quickest!).

It took me literally a month of Sunday (afternoons) to get this done.  Hours and hours.

And it’s too short for my long torso! Wah! Who wants an empire-line 40’s apron?


Fruity and fun, and from Spotlight – I think its meant to be a quilting fabric – probably a little light weight for an apron for a big oil splasher, pasta sauce splosher like myself.  I do like the cherries, and note the apple button please!


McCalls 2947

Will I wear it? 

Yes for greeting guests to special dinner party’s – just for a laugh, not risking spilling any actual food on it!

Did I mention I hate gathers, kick me if I ever get tempted again!


History of Paper Sewing Patterns

Just a quick link here – a fabulous article on the History of Paper Patterns – very informative.

I am hooked on these by the way!  The McCalls one is my favourite pattern of all time, have made it twice so far – it’s my default dress.



50’s Fair – Got your frock?

It’s nearly time for my favourite day of the year (yes, it’s better than Christmas!), not that I am at all ungrateful for Jesus’s Birthday!

Here are a few snaps from last year – I didn’t get frocked up last year – just went and enjoyed being a spectator.

I just love checking out the patterns – the most amazing collection from a lovely chap from Adelaide – must get his card next time.

The “collectables” are many and varied – bit pricey, but it’s fun to try to find them in op shops after the event, now you know what you are looking.

I have made a few purchases over the 13 (really is it that many?) years that I have been attending. I have dragged so many friends along, thanks Lisa, Dani (who dragged me their first back in 1998?) Mark, Lynda, Jo, Margaret (with Noah 1 month old in a Baby Bjorn!) Toni, Tash, and this year’s guest – Miss Penny (and Toni if she ever finishes her attempt at 50’s French Couture).

Hope to see you there!! Hope I can get my dress done!

Sorry, some of the photos are not turned right side up – I am fighting with this disobedient command (if anyone has any tips please let me know).


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Pillowtalk – A Sew Weekly Upcycling Project – and 10th Post Giveaway!

In my search for vintage fabrics, I often come across pillowcases, the sheets I guess get thin and torn, then used as drop sheets, (as at our place)  but the Pillowcases tend to survive.  I think I will make a quilt or duvet cover consisting of my collection one day!

Here is a RECIPE for you:

Take one 60’s pillowcase

One vintage pattern Circa 1982.

Don’t forget Bias Binding Tape for the tie.

Mix with liberal amounts of Ric-Rac.

Result some retro cuteness for the daughter I never had!

First to comment wins it!  (It is  a size 3 and very small at that).


Vintage Shopping – Italian Style

Found this great link I just had to share – for the next time you are in Florence!

When Mark and I visited Florence in 2002 I was dead keen to go and look at all that art I had studied in 7th form Art History.  I remember finding some shops that sold very luxe trims, the sort of thing you would use if you had a country manor and were redoing the curtains – not at all my taste, all the American tourist were mad for it!

Mark’s Dad is Italian, we had a wonderful reunion with his family in Abruzzi, a little village near Pescara called Torino di Sangro, and also his aunt and cousins in Bologna.  Perhaps this is for another day!

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet – I always think I am going to have so much time in the School Holidays – then end up incredibly busy!