Refashionista! Making over an old garment.

Here is my Coat Project from Second Year of  Fashion Design at Wellington Polytechnic.  This was my former life, when I lived at home with my family, was carefree and single, and dreamed of living and working in London – where I would need a ridiculously long coat in a really thick wool fabric to get through the winter right?!

My taste has changed since those days,  I had wanted to make this coat over for years as I have felt embarrassed by the size of the collar mostly!  And really, a full length coat in Sydney – slightly OTT!

The fabric is a lovely charcoal grey Harris Tweed with multicoloured flecks through it.  I bought this because it was thick and spongy – read – easy to sew!

After I cut 500grams (1 pound) of hem and lining off the bottom I spent about 10 hours unpicking and re-sewing, then unpicking again, fighting with my overlocker for an 1.5 hours, lots of steamy iron action and pressure.  Resorting to binding the hem in disgust because  the overlocker refused to play.   Handsewing the hem to its new length, handstitching the pockets closed a couple of sneaky handstitches to try to make the collar sit properly then finally covering the offending collar with enormous brooch I was done!  Should be good for another 20 years!Before - The Elephant Ear Collar

After - The remodelled collar

During - The collar inside out - repinned into the new shape


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