My first quilt!

“Quilting was found to enhance wellbeing and provide cognitive, creative and emotional benefits. The use of bright colours in quilting is ‘uplifting’, as an activity it’s stress busting and the spatial, geometric element provides mathematical challenge.

It’s also an ideal green hobby as it gives an opportunity to reuse pre-loved fabrics and give them a new identity.”

This quote is from The Friends of the Earth.  I love it!  And who would have thought I would be one to seek a mathematical challenge!  I am terrible at maths.

I have are a couple of pics of my first attempt at a quilt – finished a while ago now – I was definitely channelling Cath Kidston.

Fabrics are from many sources, some are new from my local fancy quilting shop: Material Obsession. Some are from Spotlight, some are vintage (like the pink peacocks) from Op Shops.

Hope to get onto my next one soon – have a big stash of fabric to work on!


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