Alphabet Artwork to make


Noah my youngest started school this year.  He didn’t really learn his letters in two years of PreSchool.  I found this quite disappointing, quite.  But his wonderful Kindergarten teacher thought there was a tiny problem and packed us off to see the “Behavioural Optometrist”. clever man, who discovered that Noah is extremely long-sighted and is not comfortable with reading letters and numbers up close.   He has some groovy teal tinted lenses and is improving now.  I am very grateful for the experience of his teacher in picking up this issue!

I made him this chart for his room, and hung it over his bed – he loves to sing the alphabet and sadly now, pick the letters off.

The letters came from Living Textiles and I bought them when I was calling in at Babies Galore (working – sssshhhh).


Sorry the photos are out of order – still battling with learning this blogging stuff!


T x


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