Finders Keepers Market Finds

Last month the cool girls from Hornsby Heights, allowed me to tag along with them on their special outing to the fabulous Finders Keepers Markets at CarraigeWorks

On my way had to make a quick stop at Vinnies, to buy a slip cos’ I was having a wardrobe malfunction – of the “skirt sticks to leggings and rides up un-attractively” kind.  Crisis averted I purchased my ticket to Redfern and was off on the train.

An hour after opening at 11am the markets were crowded!  I usually like to do a quick dash around, but this was impossible.

I met up with the cool girls who were loving it all.  The creativity was inspiring.

There was lots of lovely stuff for sale.  Some of the printed fabrics divine, lots of jewellery, some clothes.  I could have easily spent $100 more than the approximately $30 odd I did spend.

I would have loved to have engaged with some of the stall holders a little more.  I used to do markets years ago (but thats for another day) some would not even make eye contact – it was weird, and no way to sell stuff or even get valuable feedback on their work.  Such as, hey – why do your bangles come in gnome size, don’t tall girls get to wear bangles.  Just saying!

The cutey baby card was I think $4.  The Letterpress gift tags were exquisite and reasonable at 6 for $10.

The Brooch – a Fifties lady – isn’t she lovely?   I think she was $18.

T x


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