The Perfect Summer Dress – in Winter

Here is something I have finished recently for the Sew Weekly (Northern Hemisphere Based) Weekly Challenge which was The Perfect Summer Dress.

I had to stand in front of the heater for Mark to take my photos – you can still see the sock mark on my leg – which is always nice!

Got the pattern from the 50’s Fair for, I think for $8 a few years ago – they are all around $20 plus these days.

The fabric is from Ikea – Britten Hus, $3.99 per metre – I love the happy little houses!Does my bum look big in this?

Had a few technical problems with the pattern.  Had to lower the bust darts as they came up to high – not a good look.  Lengthened the bodice, but I think I could have gone further with that.  Also its been so long since I had to insert a side zip I put it facing to the front – whoops oh well, will have to keep my arms down!
Bit worried that it makes my backside look huge – Mum always told me I shouldn’t wear gathered skirts, but I have always really wanted a classic 50’s gathered skirt dress, since my friend Bianca came back with a fabulous one from Sydney when we were teens in the 80’s –  so I went for it.
I think this style of cotton dress would be so comfortable in Sydney’s heat, can’t wait to wear it, but I can wait for that heat!
Hope you had a lovely Queens Birthday everyone
T x

8 thoughts on “The Perfect Summer Dress – in Winter

  1. Love it! Darling fabric and I think this style is very fun and flirty… Can’t wait to see picture of you wearing it this Summer. thank you for sharing!

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