My first creation – a 70’s purse

“Wow, so retro” I hear you say!  No, I was 9, it was the seventies – I am just that old!

The task was given at school.  The purse was a very simple  folded affair,  in a pink and burgundy printed velour fabric – lush.  The stitching was a great big tacking stitch that an impatient 9-year-old, with a tendency to be lazy (hey, nothing changes!) could manage.

I remember my Father being pretty unimpressed with the size of the stitches.  I get my tendency to be extremely blunt  from him.

I don’t remember what  Mum said, but I get my tendency to sew from her, because soon after she got a lovely brown and tan (a classic 70’s colour scheme) sewing machine, with a fantastic array of embroidery stitches and mysterious functions.  I tested every one of those stitches, with the machine on the floor, on scraps of fabric, using the foot pedal with my hand – awkward!

Thanks Mum for giving me one of the loves of my life – I am still hooked!


4 thoughts on “My first creation – a 70’s purse

  1. Fun reading about your love of sewing and where it all started. Looking forward to reading more…I think my mum had the same sewing machine! Ivanka:)

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