Friday Vintage Finds

Yay!  It’s the weekend – the perfect time to do your bit for your local charity shop, goodwill or op shop, have a chat with the ladies in charge and who knows, maybe find a treasure or maybe even a whole bag of them if you are anything like  me!

I always check out the patterns, and the fabric – lately I think everyone else is in on this game – not fair!  But I shoulden’t complain – I have had it pretty good for years!

My suggestions for success at your local Op Shop:


I keep a box handy ready to collect stuff I am over – don’t just bin it – it’s much better for the environment to donate, and its good karma too!

Go often

So many people say to me I never find anything decent at Op Shops – the secret is go lots, and accept that some days there won’t be anything for you.

Go fast

You get really good at zooming through, train your eyes to scan quickly, don’t get bogged down.

Never ask for a discount

That is just wrong!  It’s a charity for goodness sake!  You also put the volunteers in an awkward position.  Don’t rob from the poor in your community, I live in a pretty nice suburb, we have homeless people.  They congregate near my local St Vinnies, the lovely people who run the bakery across the street keep them fed I think!  Good on them.  Charity shops keep you in touch with the community – and sell amazing stuff, sometimes!


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